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1. How can I open the door if the battery is dead?

You can find the battery on the outer side of the lock and have it replaced. For the European standard lock, we have a backup lock. So don’t worry about it.

2. What is the battery type? How long is the battery lifespan?

The lock uses AAA battery. The battery can last a whole year.

3. Is it possible to install the lock myself?

Yes, has a fool-proof installation. All you need is 3 minutes and a screwdriver!

4. Does this lock suitable for doors of different thickness?

No problem. The American standard lock cylinder can fit 45-55mm doors, and the European standard lock cylinder can fit 55-105mm doors.

5. What about the customer service? smart lock comes with a 10-year warranty and 24/7 after-sale service. If any quality problem occurs during this period, we guarantee to replace you a brand new lock.


Only 1,000 available, first come first served.

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